Citramas Foundation

Citramas Foundation is a charitable organization involved in ameliorating the conditions of upbringing for children in Indonesia. Its field of activity includes financial, medical and educational aspects, as well as any daily minutiae that could impact a child's life.

At its crux, the Citramas Foundation enterprise reflects the dictum of its Founder; that the supplication of a strong fundamental, whether through medicine or education, is the catalyst for maximizing the potential of every child.

Founded in 2003 by Mr Kris Taenar Wiluan, Citramas Foundation was envisioned as a concomitant entity that would assist acutely disadvantaged staff members in the upkeep of their households by availing to these beneficiaries educational sponsorships and financial support. The fledgling efforts of the foundation brought them to the community of Batam Island.

More contemporarily, Citramas Foundation has expanded its reach to encompass both staff and the community in Batam Island. As well as expanding its host of beneficiaries, Citramas Foundation has increased collaborations with both regional and international institutions to augment its impact on the lives of Indonesian children.

Citramas Foundation's current endeavors include:

  • Health and Medical Programs
  • Academic Education Apparatus
  • Physical Education and Training
  • Vocational Skills Training
  • Local Community Projects and
  • Disaster Relief in disaster prone areas


Our Mission

  • To provide social welfare programs in the areas of education; healthcare; social; and sports development.
  • To create sustainable programs to improve the standards of living environment and to create job opportunities that will encourage individual in skills upgrading.

Our Vision

To improve the overall social and economic wellbeing of the community and its people through an holistic approach in education; the living environment; and sustainable skills development.