In its aim towards social community, the Foundation has built chickens located Bakau Serip village to provide the basic means of livelihood for the families living below subsistence level. It has also built fish farms in the fish cultivation areas. It has constructed wells in Kampung Terih and Telaga Punggur to provide clean water supply to the villages and built a Youth Center to encourage networking among the young. In addition, the foundation has been instrumental in the building and renovations of mosques, school facilities, orphanages, and houses for the less fortunate.

Every year, Citramas Foundation organizes mass circumcision, procures !dui Adlaa offering animals for four villages, and provides food supply for the poor families.

The Foundation has also contributed in the relief of victims who had suffered from natural disa er such as the tsunami in Aceh; Nias; Yogyakarta, and victims of storms in Batam. Twelve tons of protein milk were provided to the tsunami victims in Aceh and to the people of Batam from March to September 2008 in the course of decreasing the number undernourished people.

Since its active role in preserving mangrove and corals, Citramas Foundation will, in the near future, carry out with the seeding of the Cacao, Tamarind, and other seeds, in the framework of supporting the living-environment reforestation program

Mangroves planting

The Mangroves planting and nursery activity at Nongsa distric.