4 September 2023, The handover of assistance for Stunted Toddlers, Underprivileged Families, Orphanages, and Posyandu (Integrated Health Posts) was attended by the Secretary of Batam City, along with the opening of Welding Training for the Nongsa community

08 August 2023 , Educational assistance for students of SMPN 51 Punggur has been distributed in the form of school uniforms, textbooks, and notebooks.

08 August 2023, in commemoration of the 78th Indonesian Independence Day, Citramas collaborated with the Indonesian National Police to provide Social Assistance to 3 Orphanages.

27 July 2023, actively participate in maintaining and preserving mangroves. Also carrying out mangrove nurseries to reforest areas that were deliberately damaged.

21 July 2023, the Care Program for underprivileged families continues to be improved. So that they can survive in a disadvantaged situation, we provide food assistance to 27 selected families who live in Kabil, Batu Besar and Sambau Villages.

20 July 2023, the delivery of aid to 9 underprivileged school children. The aid includes food (every month until December 2023) and education costs, including books, stationery, and uniforms.

12 July 2023, to improve the community's economy, we are organizing a hydroponic training for 20 residents of Sambau and Batu Besar villages. We hope that the participants will be able to easily obtain vegetables, improve their economy, and increase their family's purchasing power. After the training, all participants will be given a complete module so that they can practice hydroponics at home after the training.

8 July 2023, the health of the elderly is also our shared responsibility. Therefore, we care about the health of the elderly, we conduct health checks for the elderly in collaboration with Medilab Laboratory so that we can obtain more accurate test results so that if there is any treatment that is needed will be more effective.

26 June 2023, To take care health from an early age, the Foundation held a mass circumcision which was attended by 70 childrens from Nongsa.

23 June 2023, the foundation participated in the Qurban celebration in the hope of sharing with the underprivileged community.

7 June 2023, we provided food and milk assistance to 5 stunting toddlers in Sambau Village. The results of examination for the 3rd month (June) showed a good increase of their weight and height.

20 May 2023, after a few years of hiatus, the Balita Examination with a target of 2,000 balita was successfully held in May 2023. The foundation worked together with Soedarsono Darmosoewito Hospital and was supported by several expert doctors from Singapore, with the event taking place at Grha Citramas.

14 AprilĀ  2023, distribution of food packages to underprivileged coastal communities, mostly fishermen

5 AprilĀ  2023, To support the handling of stunting cases, we provided food assistance to 5 toddlers in the Sambau Village. This assistance will continue until at least December 2023.

In welcoming the Eid Al-Fitr 2023 - 1444 H, we had distributed basic food packages to help Pra-Sejahtera and Poor families in Sambau, Kamp Melayu, Panglong and Teluk Bakau in 18-19 April 2023. There were 54 basic food packages consisting of 10kg rice, 1kg sugar, 1 bottle of syrup (460ml), sardines (425gr), corned beef (340gr), 1 box of instant noodles, 2ltr of cooking oil, biscuits, tea bags and 1kg of green beans.

Monday 10 April 2023, Citramas Foundation in collaboration with The Batam Family Foundation (Yayasan Keluarga Batam) had distribute 250 basic food packages to Sea Tribe community on Bertam Island, Lingka Island, Gara Island and Dapur Arang.

Citramas Foundation helped build a toilet at SDN 007, Kampung Panau.

In welcoming the Eid Al-Fitr 2022 - 1443 H, Citramas distribute basic food packages to the poor who had economic difficulties, limited mobility due to old age, paralyzed and even disabled since birth.
In addition, the assistance of a wheelchair was also handed over to Agustina, whose address is at Kp. Tengah, Kel. Batu Besar RT 03 RW 10, and a walker as a walking aid to R. Salmah, whose address is at Nongsa Lot, Kel. Sambau RT 004 RW 003

Citramas Peduli shared with the children at the Miftahul Hasanah Orphanage and the Assyaamil Orphanage.

Friday 18 February 2022, Citramas Foundation in collaboration with the Riau Islands Police held a Booster Vaccination for employees in the Kabil Integrated Industrial Estate and the surrounding community. Riau Islands Regional Police Chief took the time to review the activities with his staff. Hopefully this activity strengthens public health in the face of the Covid-19 virus.

In order to suppress the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we are directly involved in organizing vaccinations in the city of Batam.

To ensure the health of the orphanage's children, Citramas Foundation conducted a screening with antigen examination of 25 children and the caregivers of the Miftahul Orphanage, Batu Besar.

In December 2021, Citramas Foundation concern for communities affected by Covid-19 was realized by distributing food ingredients (rice, sugar, cooking oil) to communities in Mata Ikan Bay, Nongsa Beach, Aladin Hill and Bakau Serip.

At the end of 2021, Citramas Foundation has distributed 300 packages of Basic Food for residents of Sambau Village who had direct impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic. They live in 4 villages, namely Teluk Mata Ikan, Nongsa Beach, Bakau Serip and Kampung Aladin. In addition, the same assistance was also given to the Miftahul Hasanah Orphanage, Kampung Melayu, Batu Besar.

Citramas foundion in collaboration with Apindo distributed meal boxes for people and orphonages in Batam.

The Citramas Foundation in collaboration with Green Angels Singapore have distributed masks to the wider communities such as street vendors, scavengers, bikers, parking men, road diggers and gojek drivers. The masks were also distributed to refugees from Aghanistan and Sudan who were located in Batam refugee camp.

Disinfectants have been sprayed in Citramas Indah neighborhood to eliminate the Covid-19 virus.

through Indonesian Employers' Association (Apindo) distributed 25 tons of rice to poor people affected by Covid 19 in Batam.

On April 30, 2020, located at Kabil Integrated Industrial Estate (KIIE), 3.000 packages of basic food were handed to the Mayor of Batam to be distributed to nongsa residents who have been affected by Covid-19 as a contribution from all tenants in KIIE and Citramas Foundation. These packages received by the Deputy Mayor of Batam, Bapak Amsakar Ahmad as the chairman of Batam City Covid-19 Task Force and directly distributed to those who needed on the following day.

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Initiated by Yayasan Citramas, 24 schools in Nongsa District took part in planting 777 trees simulteneously on February 22, 2020 at Kabil Integrated Industrial Estate and school in the event of "Cintai Bumi Kita" (Love our Earth). This activity is to implement humans love and care to earth as a place to live for all and for future generation.

The Mangroves planting and nursery activity at Nongsa distric.

Donation to renovate Orphanage house of Miftahul Hasanah in Batu Besar and other necessary needs.

To assist local communities, with micro loans for local farming of vegetables and fish farming.

Provided relief to the victims of Padang's Earthquake as well as rebuilding of some of the schools' laboratories that were severely damaged.

Food donation for less nutrition babies or kids at Nongsa - Batam.

Built Citramas Mosque and Graha Citramas (Multi Purpose Hall).Infrastructure developments aimed to support people activities in Nongsa district